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GetMeOnTop Local SEO Domination Algorithm
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does 'The GetMeOnTop Local SEO Domination Algorithm' Pricing work?

We are so sure of our SEO Algorithm, it's simple; If for any reason you do not start to receive first page search results for your website, then you do not pay us any monthly fee. We are a true performance based Online Visibility and SEO agency.


Wait, so you're telling me that you will start to increase my website rankings without charging a monthly fee?

Crazy...but yes you do not pay us till results are proven!


How long does it take until I start receiving first page search results?

95% of the campaigns that 'The Net Algorithm' develops achieve FIRST PAGE Search Results in as little at 7 days, we GUARANTEE that first page search results will start to occur within the first 30 days of the site being indexed. We stand behind our work with a "100% Money Back Guarantee".


So by "unlimited" cities within a county you mean it doesn't matter if the county has 30 cities or 150 cities? You will get my website optimized for all of them?

Absolutely! It doesn't matter if the county has 30 cities or 150 cities, we will get your website ranked for EVERY city. There is no city (NY, LA, Seattle, Washington DC, Atlanta, etc.) in the United States that is too difficult for 'The Local SEO Domination Algorithm' to rank for (for ANY business, product or service).

Can you explain County, State and National packages ?

'The SEO Domination Algorithm' allows your website to dominate the search engine results for EVERY CITY in the county, state, or nation. Again, this is for an UNLIMITED amount of cities within the areas you want to completely dominate. For example, if you signed up for our 'Bronze' package and your company was in Los Angeles County ( In this case, 132 cities within Los Angeles County). If someone were to sign up for the 'State' package, our algorithm would perform separate rankings for every single city within the entire state of California (up to 3,500 cities). The same goes for our 'National Package' which covers every single city within the United States (up to 90,000 cities).



Are there any contracts, commitments or fees involved?

We are so confident in the results we will provide you, that there are absolutely NO CONTRACTS, NO COMMITMENTS, AND NO TERMINATION FEES involved with our service for the first 30 days. We are committed to your success and 'The Domination Machine' achieves that for you. Yes, that’s right… NO CONTRACTS – Just pure results. Watch 'The Domination Machine' do it's magic! Produce astonishing results and blanket the search engine's first page for thousands-millions of keywords and utterly destroy the competition. After 30 days we only ask for a 90 day commitment.
*There is up to A $699 set up fee to build your program. If we do not show you page 1 rankings, that fee is also 100% refundable!


How long is the set up process and campaigns?

The set up process takes between 7-10 Business Days to create a campaign  Campaigns start to receive activity within 7-15 business days.  The indexing process for the Google organic results usually range from 1 week up to 30 days to fully index. Every website does act differently.  We have had some websites index within 2 days, and we have also had websites that take 30 days to fully index, this is all dependent on Google on how long it takes for your website to fully index. We follow ALL of Google's Guidelines to White-Hat SEO Search \ Marketing and Guarantee our work with a money back GUARANTEE.  


What is the Unique Live Keyword Tracking Page ?

Our SEO Tracking Page allows you to track keyword results in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a click of a mouse. This unique feature allows you to monitor precisely where your keywords and pages are ranked for every city at any given time ! This solution is unique ONLY to GetMeOnTop Local, no other company provides such reporting and no other company has the ability to produce page 1, position 1 results on Google like we can.


What exactly does 'The GetMeOnTop Local SEO Domination Net Algorithm' do?

Our patented Local area SEO technology performs '117 Actions' simultaneously (which are detailed on the 'About Us' Page). Our groundbreaking technology was designed to deal with speed and volume, meaning it can handle endless amounts of keywords and actions concurrently and instantaneously, resulting in a blanketing process of an entire region. These actions were constructed and aimed for perfection, achieving optimal results for all desired websites.



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Our company is able to create high ranking, traffic producing campaigns. We specialize in Online and traditional marketing campaigns. We can target any segment or vertical. Contact your Online marketing rep for more information.